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03 June 2014 @ 12:00 am
Welcome to revolumna, the layout & other graphics community of neen.
Any feedback? Leave it down below. ♡
29 April 2017 @ 09:57 pm
What, it's only been two weeks since my last post? What is this wizardry? lol haebin suggested that my last profile layout Interlude should be turned into a proper layout, so... Voilà! I did make a few changes though, I hope it's okay.
Also people, if you're using one of my layouts, please link back to revolumna. Somewhere, anywhere. Thank you. (Yes, I do check.)

012 - Preview

012. Layout - Outro
↳ Live [ ] ▪ Code [ ]

S2 Flexible Squares.
Basic, plus and paid.
Best view with Firefox.
Custom comment pages and sidebar.
Navigation, mood themes and sidebar's page summary, calendar and tags.

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13 April 2017 @ 01:09 am
Long time no see! How are you? ♥ College has been kicking my ass for the past few months, so I'm really enjoying this two-week break.
I'm back with a profile layout because, good news: profile codes are finally fixed! Well, the cellpadding and cellspacing attributes are working again, which is nice, but still no style... Anyway, I hope you'll like it. (It also means that you can now use my last profile layout "How Long Until Spring?" as well. Go, go!) Profiles are pretty fun to make so if you have any specific request or suggestion, feel free to leave them here.

Profile Layout 002 - Preview

011. Profile Layout - Interlude
↳ Static [ ] ▪ Code [ ]

Best view with Firefox.

NOTESCollapse )
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06 November 2016 @ 05:06 pm
OK, so this is supposed to be penderies' layout request, who wanted a "nature-y minimalistic theme". (Hope you like it!) "Lost in Translation" is inspired by one of sireesanwar's latest layouts, Oasis. Yep, I really really liked it.
With this layout, I've experimented new CSS techniques: the navigation is actually hidden under the LJ control strip and will only appear when scrolling the page down. The link list trick was the most difficult one to pull off. You don't have to enable it if you don't want to though.

PS: the second version of this layout is actually meant for you, wilding.

010 - Preview

010. Layout - Lost in Translation
↳ Live [ 1 / 2 ] ▪ Code [ 1 / 2 ]

S2 Flexible Squares.
Basic, plus and paid.
Best view with Firefox.
Custom comment pages, navigation and sidebar.
Title, entry date, mood themes and everything in the sidebar except for the blurb and the link list.

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02 June 2016 @ 12:00 am
Today is the second anniversary of revolumna! Thank you so much for +60 watchers, and for all the support for the past two years. I'd like to take this opportunity to tell you that, even though I don't always reply to your comments, you can rest assured that I read them all. ♥

So, as a celebration:
I have tons of different ideas for future layouts, but I was wondering what you guys actually wanted to see. I'm always looking for inspiration! If you have any requests/suggestions for a direction I should take with my layouts, just go ahead and leave a comment. You must be a watcher to participate. Keep in mind that all layouts will be completely shareable, and that I probably won't answer the requests in the order in which they have been submitted. Also, there are no time constraints on these – aka, they will come whenever they come.
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